Shainaz Jussa- Jolly Phonics Trainer , Director and Principal Instructor

Phonickids Mumbai, India.

21 st May, 2015.

Dear Tehseen and Frobel Teachers.

Thanks for inviting me once again to train you. You have come a long way with Jolly Phonics. I can see the joy on the children's faces when they enter your school. The eagerness to read and it is all thanks to your hard work that this is happening.

Keep going strong and I pray that your school grows in strength- looking forward to introduce more on Jolly Grammar during my next visit here.

Best wishes always!




Alefiya M. Nomanbhoy - Director of Postgraduate
Taught Programmes and Assistant Professor in Special Needs at the School of Education,
University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus

29th January 2015

It is wonderful to be back again and see how Frobel has grown and impacted on Chittagong Early Childhood Education and Inclusive Education. Your achievements are astounding and the climate that you have created amongst you teachers is also astounding.

I have really enjoyed the interactions and in delivering the workshop on Behaviour Management. The positivity of your teachers will take Frobel even further in achievements and making a difference in the learning potential of students.

I look forward to coming back again.


Amrapali Lahiri - Milestones, Delhi, India

24th November, 2015.


To the entire Frobel team

A big THANKS from our end for the lovely opportunity you provided us for seeing so many children and the wonderful environment and team work.

Tehseen,a special congratulation to you for running such a wonderful place for children and nurturing their childhood. Wish you all the success and hope your school expands to higher classes, so that the children don't have to leave such a happy place



Geet Oberoi- -

Founder Orkids Multidisciplinary Clinic in India.

November, 2011.

All I can say is that we need more people like you on this earth! Your motivating personality coupled with a great sense of justice and not to forget humour is a fantastic combination.

Keep up your great work and start thinking of a ‘big' school now. Your staff is great and very warm hearted. Take care of them.

With love always




Yasmin Asgar - New Delhi, India.

7 th May, 2014.


Dearest Tehseen & highly motivated team

I came with a very different picture, but very happy & surprised to visit your school. While going around the school it gave a very positive energy & vibes & I felt I am in my school only.

Very impressed with the way your teachers & special educators are working, highly motivated & enthusiastic team. May Allah help you in getting more such sincere & motivated people to work for. It is a very difficult task to sustain the kind of work you are doing & surely, it is purely your motivation & belief in a cause. You are so passionate about that you are where you are. May Allah always give you the strength & direction to keep on progressing in the same way.

You surely are the main motivator for your team, keep the effort on!!!

Keep working!!!