Christine Morris - Educational Consultant & Special Educator

4th March 2012

Dear Tehseen and Friends,

Thank you for the opportunity to come and spend time in such a refreshing environment. It is so encouraging to see teachers who believe in what they are doing and do so enthusiastically.
You are a beacon for many other schools both in Bangladesh and India and should receive recognition for your willingness to believe and use activity based learning.

I am sure as children move through to senior school they will see the benefit of the “start” they received here and will share the experience with others in their families too!
Be encouraged and keep up the enthusiasm and training into the future!.

Best wishes


Bipasa Mukherjee - Special Educator
Orkids, New delhi, India.

22nd November 2011

Walking into your school, I could feel the positive, happy vibes of this being a place of joy and fun.

The whole lot of you seems to be an enthusiastic, energetic and creative team. Keeping the happiness and fun meter high, when u work with children. At the end of the day the children will learn their ABCDs…, 1234s…, Please and Thank-yous…names of colors, fruits, etc., etc., etc, - BUT what is most important is to learn that – “LEARNING IS FUN”.
At the end of the day go home thinking, “My children had a happy day”.

Thanks Tehseen, Shenaaz & Shaad for creating this bond of love, learning, sharing with Bangladesh.

Best wishes always, Lots of Love…

Linda Sue Lowry -Teacher
Shimla, India / Florida, USA

13th March 2011

Dearest Frobel Teachers,

It was my blessing to be with you yesterday, as well as the other days I was at Frobel. What a joy to be in such a developmentally appropriate school. I hope you will continue to teach your students the joy of learning, creating life-long learners.

A child's work (job) is to play. That is how she/he learns. You provide the environment conducive to learning. A child remembers what he does longer than what he only sees or hears. Keep engaging your students in learning opportunities.

Thank you for inviting me to your school. Thank you for the lovely gift. Please keep in touch!.



Ayesha Das - Teacher Trainer
Teacher Training Center Kolkata

18th October 2010

Thank you for having us.
It was a great experience being at the Frobel Center. Your teachers are young and enthusiastic : perhaps you need to collect such material so that they do not expect teaching aids which are bought ready-made!

Today's session showed how much they can do on their own!

Every school depends on good leadership – Well done Huwra!


Mrs. Marilou Long - Administrative Director
William Carey Academy

28th October 2008

Dear Mrs. Tehseen and staff,

Thank you for a delightful time at the Closing Event of International Month at Frobel Play School. The children all looked so cute and authentic in their various ethnic dresses. It's good to help them even at this young age to realize that there's a Big world out there beyond their own small world to help them to become more others-centered instead of only self-centered.

I also enjoyed the tour of the school. It's so very colorful and happy. Your teachers are doing a good job.

Thank you for the excellent job you are doing Tehseen. Running a school is a HUGE responsibility, with endless little jobs and things to constantly check on. It's often a thankless job but our motivation comes from almighty – a desire to please Him and to do something for this country to make a difference and You are! Keep it up.